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Dear Stonewall Minor Hockey (SMHRA) Member:

This notice has been prepared to help inform parents and coaches registered in the Stonewall Minor Hockey Association program about the Annual General Meeting being held at the end of the 2019/2020 hockey season. This meeting is an important event for minor hockey as it is an opportunity for the SMHRA membership to bring forward any concerns or suggestions to the board pertaining to how the program is operating.

When is the AGM?

This year's AGM is Thursday April 9, 2020 starting at 7pm upstairs in the Stonewall Curling Club.

Who can attend the AGM?

Any member of the SMHRA can attend. A member is any parent or guardian who has a child registered in the SMHRA program.

What is the AGM?

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a meeting of the SMHRA held at the end of each hockey season. The intent of the meeting is to have a forum at which the SMHRA Board can present the Association's pertinent yearly information such as expenditures, hockey related issues and results, new initiatives etc. The AGM is also the forum at which the membership can express their concerns and present or offer changes to the way the SMHRA program operates.

The following information offers a brief explanation of the roles and responsibilities of the SMHRA Executive, and also outlines your role as a parent or coach in helping shape the SMHRA Program.

What is the role of the SMHRA Board and Executive?

As your Board and Executive it is our job the represent SMHRA to different organizations such as Hockey Winnipeg, Interlake Minor Hockey and Hockey Manitoba. The Board and Executive meets throughout the year to discuss relevant issues as they relate to program operations. A list of Board Members and positions is available at

Does the SMHRA Board and Executive decide or make the rules up that dictate what happens to the teams and players within the program?

No. It is important to note that the SMHRA Board and Executive does not have the authority or mandate to institute changes to the program unilaterally. All changes or modifications to the SMHRA Program have to first be brought forward and voted on by the SMHRA membership.

How do SMHRA Members bring forward our concerns or ideas for change?

Ideas or suggested changes to the SMHRA program have to be submitted formally in writing to the SMHRA Executive in the form of a Motion.

What is a Motion?

A motion is an idea or suggested change to the existing SMHRA Program that requires Membership approval to implement. A motion has to express specifically what idea or change is being added to the program. For example – "I, Joe Smith put forward a motion to the SMHRA that the national anthem is played or sung before all Stonewall Blues home games."

Who can submit a Motion?

As a parent of a child registered in the SMHRA program you are eligible to submit a motion

How do I submit a Motion?

A Motion is to be submitted in writing via the 2019/2020 Motion Requests on SMHRA's website. All motions have to be submitted 2 weeks prior to the AGM – specifically by March 25th, 2020.

What Happens to the Motion?

Any Motion that is submitted properly is read out by SMHRA Executive at the AGM. The motion is then debated among the members present. Once the debate has ended the motion is voted on by the membership present and either accepted or defeated.

Who can vote?

As a parent or guardian of a child registered in the SMHRA program you are a voting member of our association. You have as many votes as you do children registered within the SMHRA. Please note there is only one "set" of votes per family.

The information outlined above may not answer all the questions you may have about the SMHRA Program and the Annual General Meeting. If you would like to have a member of the SMHRA Executive speak with you or your team further please submit your request via the page and we will make arrangements to meet with you.

Thank you for your interest in the SMHRA Program.

Stonewall Minor Hockey Executive

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